pondelok 17. septembra 2012

Shizuo´s (Sakura´s) sign.

Five days till Comics Salon. Our cosplays are mostly ready, but in my boredom I wanted to make sure, we will have some of the details down. More specifically, Sakura’s Shizuo. I wanted her to have some random traffic sign.
So I went to make the sign. I had to fetch an old broom, for the handle. And now for the best (worst) part. The actual sign. At first I had an A3 size paper. But… it just looked so small. Even my mom said so. So I pulled out my special paper, in the size A2. Hehe, that was exactly I needed.
But my troubles didn’t end. A second later I realized I couldn’t recall how a STOP sign looks like. After a few minutes I changed it to other sign. And finally, not even so long after that… I had finished with the sign.
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