streda 30. mája 2012

Gensoukyoku Cosplay Group

Hello and Welcome to the blog of Gensoukyoku Cosplay Group
This group is just a newborn, only moments old, but I believe there are many great moments waiting for it. Just like a newborn makes it’s first steps, we will too make our first steps towards many many events, we hope to attend, and some projects we want to create, while having great fun along the ride.
For now it’s group of only two girls who met while looking for someone who would share common interests because their friends were either too shy to dress in costumes or looked at them as if they had gone mad. The first one is already cosplaying expert, while the other one is only a novice, but eager to try her best.
But now without anymore long and boring information, a few words about the authoresses.

The chronological order of events
  • Our website was established on 29 May 2012 at 21:56 hour
  • The team of the founder LizzyANT (leader) and Saotome Sakura (Co-Leader)
  • On June 1, 2012, the group added a new member with the nickname Oriana

:twitter: Gensoukyoku Cosplay Group  Gensoukyoku Cosplay Group

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