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Comics Salon 2012 (21. - 23. September)

Comics Salon. For normal people it’s time when one weekend in September is Bratislava turned into city of freaks, as they would call them. But for the ones attending, it’s a chance to come and have a fun with others of similar interests.
I must say, that even though I was to go with my friend, I kind feared that it would be catastrophe. I didn’t attend any convention in the last few years, because the Slovakian conventions started to feel kind of repetitive and I haven’t had anyone who could go with me to a con outside of Slovakia.
But it was the opposite. We had a great time. Met some friends and some new people and generally had fun. It’s true that we somehow skipped all the lectures for one reason or other, but then again, that was not so important.
This was the first time I was cosplaying too. I wanted to do it for a long time now, but never had the chance. My childhood friend is too embarrassed to do it with me, and I wasn’t about to promenade around in a costume alone. But this time, I joined the world of cosplaying.
The first day, we arrived late. And even though we, and especially me, do that a lot, this time it wasn’t our fault. We have to wait for a courier to bring my mail, which should have arrived two days before the convention, but never mind. I must say, that there was more cosplayers than non-cosplayers. Or maybe it was only from my perspective, but a lot of people had at least wig or accessories, and I saw a lot of lolita’s (and not only girls)

We walked around a bit, to see, where everything was, and Lizzy told me some gossips that she collected during her cosplaying days. We almost had a heart attack when he saw big group cosplaying Umineko, as we wanted to do it next year at Animeshow. Though we asked for photos anyway. Then we met some Lizzy’s friends, hanged out with them for a while and more or less secretly took a few photos. (Lenka didn’t even notice me only a meter from her holding the camera, so deeply was she in thoughts.)

The second day we started off late again. And yes, this time it was my fault. I went as a Germany from Hetalia, and I had some wig problems. It just didn’t want to stay how I wanted it. So I had to use lots of bobby-pins, scissors and load of hairspray to tone it down from horrible to awkward. I am jealous of Lizzy because she didn’t have any problems with her wig for Prussia.
This was as well the day, when most cosplayers come in their main cosplays as the Saturday is the longest day of the convention. Well, not everyone as one girl came on Friday as Wedding Naruko (which I refuse to call Naruko, because the only tell-tale sign for me that it was Naruko were her whiskers. Her blond wig was down, she didn’t style it. And the wedding dress was white. If it were me, I would go for something more traditional. Nice kimono, probably peach orange or sky blue, and hair in bun with nice ornaments) and on Saturday she came just as Casual Naruko. And some people wore the same cosplay the whole three days. Okay, I can understand the financial problems, as I have them too, but I really hope they at last changed clothes under the outer wear.
A few times we were stopped by strangers, asking for our photos, which was completely new to me, and every time, I started to giggle in embarrassment. I am not really used to attention. But I guess I have to get used to it, and next time not giggle like crazy man.

Can you believe those girls sew it themselves? It's amazing, and I really have to train this England's serious face. It's horrible, me grinning like idiot there.

On the last day, we arrived more or less… late again. I think we are going to start a tradition of coming late to a convention. Good thing we are not organisators. That wouldn’t go well.
So it was the last day, but certainly not the most boring. Actually I think it was the most interesting, as I probably tried everything I didn’t till then. We danced DDR, which I failed. Horribly. But still I tried keep up, only to get lost in those steps again. We danced some at some other game, fought as if with swords, which at first I lost, but then I figured what I did wrong and kicked Lizzy’s ass, and played retro video games.

We met a bunch of friends, had a lots of fun and got a few hugs. So all in all, it was really great weekend, I hope to repeat in the spring at Animeshow. All that’s left to say, see you next time, I hope you will come. 


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