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[HP CMV] Safe and Sound [CGC]

CMV story is briefly narrated special, dedicated to these tao, for those who actually know what's going on in the short story below is about what the short story is, in this story CMV notably the Mirra and Severus the story lies in three, storyline.

The first line is a direct presence, Lizzy is going through the familiar places and remember the ancient past.

The second story line is ancient history, Mirra, at the time of marauders, went to Gryffindor whilst at the time of going questioned how there are other, and began to be friends of Severus, which has long been befriended by marauders and her best friend was Lily Evans. Later, Severus began to behave strangely but tried to maintain her friendship, I can take at least a moment like a normal boy. It can be seen from his combat demons who pulled him to Voldemort! But trying to win a duel.

The third and final story line, past present, Lizzy's time Harry returned because of some plot out things in the future, but this is not directly explain because if you read the story seriously once you get it :)

The first story line, direct presence, Lizzy waiting for Severus when he finally arrives they go away, and the last turns, sees his past and decides to go further.

CMV is dedicated to my dear co-writer stories, without you this would CMV has never been, and I hope ever will be continued also to some of your stories or just more specials Specials funny time of life marauders, or we can from the movie, the troubles of life Remus Lupin and his life from natural hazards from hell Sirius.

✖ Bloopers ✖

Mirra/Lizzy - Lizzy
Severus - Sakura
girl - Sakura
DeathEater - Sakura

Camera - both me and Sakura :3mi

Song: Safe and Sound
Author: Taylor Swift ft. Capital Cities

Original story: Tempus vitae.
Autor: Kirie, Mimi, Tanika and Lizzy
About: What would happen if the Potters lived? If the Marauders and Severus became friends? Everything can happen, but everything has its consequences! In 1991, a girl decides to change the past and with time turner will go back. A couple of years this happens again, because Harry finds a diary of his baptismal mom!? But how is this possible? After all, has, yet only baptismal or not? Mirra Atria, whose diary is there but left a message! She asks Harold for help! But who is the mysterious Harold? Who is the man they belong latest entries in her diary? And most importantly, what it has in common with Harry? 

Learn more in the short story :) To link to the story, just speak up comments :) The short story is, however, currently only in Hungarian and Slovak languages​​. We are trying to soon translate it into English!

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