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Anime Show 2013 (15. - 17. March)

Write a review late sorry but I had no time! But finally I got to it somehow so there you have it!

Although it can properly remember when we arrived there on Friday, I can at least describe how I felt then! Of Sakura we were in Prussia and Canadas costumed CD Cover. Of course as usual we met our buddies and we took pictures of them :)

 Prussia CD Cover

Now we demonstrate here a few pictures of our friends or by people who admire me or Sakura-chan but since this time I am writing article and I rather admire that! A careful! I admire people too, so much more to mention who I am and who I do not like it so you cherish that you write here!

 With Karina vi Britania and her Sweet Loli Miku, I love hers cosplays! She is so cute!

 My lovely Ciel-kun, shes name Sandra (sorry i tell that), this is her costume Pein Oiroke? Maybe :)

So my first, very first photo with Kanyan cosplay this her costume is amazing :)

So here you have a couple of those nice pictures of it? Although the final shape is seriously weird! Oh well I'm just weird for a man to have to get used to! This would be on Friday was great we visited everything all the shops we bought a few posters I therefore rather :) And we went home :)

I have to say on Saturday we went for Hungary and Austria before the festival but we had to go for me to alzy that I highlighted there something we are well clothed honestly it was funny when we went there to pee and then hammer out our costumes and then they went out already completely finished!

I really love Sakuras weird face in this photo :D

To be honest now seriously do not know remember what we did on Saturday! But if I remember correctly recorded vlog where fanned out so hard that we almost froze there but never mind we are okay and still healthy :) Later we went to the nearest mall and we bought a small snack later when we were seriously hungry we went to Macdonald: D There we ate well and we went back into the festival.

Later when we got back we started to turn our Lip Sync, and then we have a serious long sticking out we had to shoot at least 10 times before it was right :) but at least we enjoyed joking. Video here later add! Now you will add some photos to let you know we had a super.

 Me with Sandra :)

 Sakura with Sandra

 Me with Sidi she was a little Hungary :) Cute generation gap :)

 Sakura with other Hungary she was so cute :) I mean hungary no Austria :D

 Me with Kanyan cosplay again her Esther is cool and very very adorable i love this her costume!

 Again generation gap. Sakura with Sam :) Old Austria with Chibi Austria so cute :)

 Later I changed into costume Chibi Prussia I know I'm cute you do not praise me: D
But no I'm finally a cute costume which made ​​me feel at ease :)
 Me as ChibiPrussia with Karina vi Britania she is Maria from Umineko

In the morning we met as usual and we went there it was the last day so we had to say goodbye later from our friend Sandra was submitted after the later sad but seriously but also the last day was fun :)

Me with Sandra she was Ciel and me Prussia Punk me version :)

 Sandra with Sakura-chan she was Canada Punk :)

We hit there on a very special cosplay and very beautiful, because Estimate themselves from photos that I gave to the sample article :) And while you see the whole gallery below sure you will be satisfied :)

 Sakura-chan with pony :D

Me with Ami cosplay she was Nezumi and with Tereza cosplay she was Shion, i love this two girls! Very adorable Shion and Nezumi my love characters!

Really, really again photo with Kanyan cosplay... I can not help it I could not forgive not to have a photo with her every day: D

Kyaa... i don´t believed this i have photo with Asu (kitsunedon)!


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